Community Involvement and Impact Report (2023)

Embarking on our eighth year, our commitment to community involvement has been a journey of growth and meaningful impact. We've faced the challenge of directing our resources both charitably and sustainably, and we're proud to announce that in 2023, we achieved more than ever before, employing diverse avenues to make a positive difference. As we reflect on our accomplishments, we're eager to redouble our efforts in 2024 to address the needs of our ever-expensive and chaotic world.


Collected Donations

In our pursuit of community support, our members actively engaged with local festivals during the summer season to collect donations. In 2023, we reached an all-time high, collecting and donating $1281.74 to various interest groups and charities. If you're curious about our donation recipients or wish to volunteer your time for this noble cause, we invite you to join our Discord community.

Donated Tools and Toys

Initiating our tool library in early 2023 yielded remarkable responses, including a connection with a bike fixing wizard. Seeking broken bikes from the community, we collected and repaired 60 bicycles for children and adults. Additionally, we found new homes for donated lawn mowers, tools, and surplus building supplies. If you find yourself in need of support, don't hesitate to join our Discord, and we'll explore how we can assist.

Community Gardens

Our ongoing efforts to promote local food production saw tremendous success in 2023, resulting in our largest surplus to date. We donated 200 plants in the spring to our members and local community gardens. Beyond nourishing our members, their friends, and families, we redirected surplus produce to local food banks:

Furthermore, we shared abundant tomatoes and peppers, contributing to a healthier and more sustainable community.

As we move forward, the HoldFast Collective remains dedicated to fostering positive change and community resilience. Join us in shaping a future where collective efforts lead to enduring, impactful transformations.

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