HoldFast Collective

Today is Thursday June 13th For over 3178 days , The Holdfast Collective has been a force for change. Rooted in Southern Ontario, Canada, we're on a mission to empower communities without the need for currency exchange. Operating on a barter system, our members pool their skills and resources to support one another. Together, we've worked on 95 projects and counting. Join us in shaping a brighter future, one collective effort at a time.

Here's how it works: members donate a day of their time to help other members, alongside several others, and the schedule rotates each month to a different member. By being part of the collective, members gain access to the entire group's tool and material resources.

Back in 2015, four friends came together and formed a small collective to assist each other with different projects and tasks. As time passed, their efforts blossomed into a mutually supportive network that extended to their families and beyond, steadily growing in size and scope. Now, the group is focusing on the challenging task of organizing and formalizing their approach, with the aim of sharing it with fellow Canadians.

It’s a simple concept there is no secret or books to read on the subject. Help one another, start small, start local build something, grow something give your time directly to your fellow human, share your tools, your knowledge, build bonds for that last a lifetime. This method exists today in all kinds of informal groups, and at the start the of the 20’s century was the only reliable social safety network that existed.

Our aim is to build a network of small collectives, helping each other build value and solve problems without the exchange of any currency. Our core is based out of Southern Ontario, but as we grow we are now available to any Canadian. Members who contribute gain access to a growing online tool library, annual plant giveaway, food and resources distributed by the generosity of the membership and the expertise of our whole collective.

Currently we have the largest presense in Brantford, Kitchener, Paris, St. George, and many of the smaller communities in the surrounding area. However we are open to anyone and have members from coast to coast in Canada, and even members from around the world!


Every Friday night (9:00PM EST) we host our fireside chat, open to anyone to join and converse sometimes serious, sometimes funny, always interesting. If you're interested join our discord